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Welcome to TNT Credit Repair

TNT Credit Repair is dedicated to helping consumers and businesses reach their credit goals. Our parent company, TNT Funding Associates LLC reached a conclusion during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic that people need to be treated as people, not as numbers. Small businesses are just as important as Big Businesses if not more so. As time and the economy march forward many people are finding themselves in credit challenges. The credit challenges will often snowball when your credit score declines, and the cost of credit goes up or worse yet when astronomical penalty charges are levied against you. The foundation of financial credit services, the big national banks, credit card companies, and small balance lenders, have forgotten that people and small business matter. The team at TNT Funding Associates consists of small businesspersons who have just one set of values:

  • Honesty – tell the truth always!
  • Transparency – nothing is hidden-ever!
  • Ethics – Take care of the customer’s best interest first – always!
  • Under promise and over-deliver – every time!

We have committed ourselves and our company to learning about your needs and when possible, providing a solution that will meet those needs. Our team of professional lending experts will help you – BLOW UP YOUR CREDIT SCORE!

TNT Credit Repair


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